This husband and wife, both concert-level musicians, moved from New York to Seattle to be closer to their children. As they continued to play in a quartet in their home, he the violin and she the piano, they needed to solve the ‘bouncy’ sound issues created by the extensive glass and metal construction of their condominium. Two fabric-paneled walls, drapery panels, and luxurious wool and silk rugs were added to create the perfect sound balance.

A new fireplace was designed from the original floor-level firebox, creating a raised fireplace clad in a gorgeous statement of granite. This new centerpiece complemented remodeled spaces that included new cabinets and completely new furniture. Throughout the design of the interior, we maximized the home’s functionality for different uses, making it an elegant and comfortable home for entertaining and playing music, and a serene, beautiful space for moments spent enjoying the ever-changing Seattle skyline.

“Diana Cutler, with DC Designs, is a talented designer who beautifully renovated our condominium and has done similar work for others in our Seattle high rise. Diana is accessible, responsive, an excellent communicator with all involved and has fabulous taste.  She is gifted in all areas of design and we cannot recommend her highly enough.” Grace and Adolph