Inspired by Craftsman-style design, a retired couple from Seattle bought a Northwest Traditional home in the prestigious neighborhood of Awbrey Butte in Bend Oregon. Built in 1996, the home was still in pristine condition but needed major style updates to meet their love for Northwest Contemporary design.

The remodel began with removing compartmentalizing walls to lend itself to an inviting open floor plan that added an abundance of natural high-desert light. The creation of an open environment enhanced the flow into the kitchen, which will serve as the heart of the home and primary gathering spot for cooking and entertaining.

For the love of navy!

The bright white cabinets combined with modern stainless-steel handles and sink fixtures harmonizes the trendy navy-colored lower cabinets. Adding a contemporary twist to the traditional design of the home, we added several modern accents – hand-blown glass globe light fixtures with blue accents, subway tiles and a coordinated mixed blend of navy, light blue, tan and grey mosaic tiles above the glass top induction cooktop and a coordinated navy composite kitchen sink. For added ambiance, there are hidden strips of under-cabinet lighting that enhance the Quartz countertops and beautiful hard-wood floor. Both budding and brilliant – the new functional kitchen stocked with contemporary updates and top-notch appliances takes the cake in this ultimate Northwest Contemporary home.

The completion of the home redesign captured the overall goal the couple was looking for in a stylish, modern way. The complete home remodel will include several stages; the main focus of photography included the kitchen remodel.

“I’ve known Diana for almost a year now and I am much better off having met her – and so is the interior of my home! We were introduced when I had decided that I was going to remodel the kitchen in my home in Bend, OR. I had recently moved to Bend from Seattle, WA and it was a surprising and delightful coincidence that Diana was a Seattle transplant too!

I had a very specific idea of what I wanted my kitchen to look like, but structural constraints soon threw the proverbial monkey wrench into my plans. Diana saved the day and, I might add, my sanity! Not only was she able to capture my “image” of the kitchen but added design ideas I didn’t even know I would love. She also laid out a vision for the main living areas of my home that will tie-in beautifully with the new kitchen – a win/win for me!

Cost always seems to rear its’ ugly head whenever a project is being considered. But I have learned that what you spend up front will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars later. Not to mention a finished project that you will love, as will everyone who comes to your home, for years to come!

Thank you Diana, I am delighted to have you as a new friend!” Basia