“It’s time for a grown-up house!”  With kids off to college and a move from a large suburban home to a condominium downtown, these clients sought the best interior home design to create multiple entertaining possibilities in a smaller footprint.  A desire for unique design finishes inspired the remodel, and a signature element became an architectural metal structure designed by a local artist that encased the walls of a new fireplace. In the sunroom area, all the windows open to allow in Seattle’s fresh, salt-kissed air.  Steel tones, a bit of sparkle, soft greens and blues were used to blend with the Seattle skyline so that the view continues to ‘steal the show.’

The condo interior design plan involved a kitchen remodel that included revitalizing the existing cabinets, new stone countertops, plumbing fixtures and steel backsplash tiles that became a highlight adjacent to the stunning Seattle skyline. The dining area was furnished to allow guests to flow through the space, with the table converting to a buffet for larger crowds.  Wine storage was incorporated into the dining room and an elegant glass wall completed the space.

Much of the couple’s previous furniture didn’t fit their new urban lifestyle, so entirely new furnishings were procured.  Two vintage chairs, that were near and dear to the clients’ hearts, were also recovered to integrate into the new decor. The end result, a home that catered to the needs of the couple and their large dogs that also accommodated a crowd, fashionably and comfortably.

“We have worked with Diana over the last 18 months on a remodel that involved not only the usual furniture, carpets and painting, but also a number of custom design elements such as an art glass wall and a metal sculptural wall. These elements simply could not have happened without Diana’s knowledge of local fabricators and her ability to translate our ideas into actual designs. The results were everything we could have hoped for. On the more straightforward aspects of the remodel, Diana provided just the right balance of incorporating our ideas and preferences with her design expertise. Indeed, my only complaint about her is that when she did insist on a particular selection even in the face of our reluctance, she was invariable absolutely correct in her recommendation! It’s been a pleasure working with Diana, and we could not be happier with the results.” Jeff Robinson and Carl Stockton