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Whatever an ideal home is for you, that’s what I intend to create. Unlike other designers who may have a certain style, my job is to morph into your aesthetic, to convey in your physical environment what is most important to you.  Towards that end, I have developed a special technique to understand what home is for my clients.  We delve into the psychology of space, because design is emotional and visceral.  Through this process, clients say they feel heard and “gotten.” I become a translator of your vision, conceptualizing and creating a home that envelops you in a profoundly personal way.

I want clients to walk in their door and feel embraced by their space, rejuvenated by the sanctuary we’ve developed. When your home fills you up, then you can go out into the world and do what you do, knowing your perfect haven will be there to return to.

Clients say I realize their dreams for their home far better than they could have ever imagined. But don’t just take my word for it. Please see my testimonials page or request a reference before we meet.  And, of course, our first consultation is always on me.

Designing fuels me, it’s been my passion for over two decades, and I’d love the chance to share that with you.

Your ideas transformed into inspiring spaces that feel like home.


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The kitchen marries functionality with aesthetics more than any room. It’s rewarding to renovate the heart of a home into a space that inspires the chef and serves the family. I guide you through the many decisions around the latest appliances and trends in finishes, furnishings, and fixtures. The end result is a kitchen that’s inviting, durable, and stylish.


Living Rooms

What does unwinding look like to you? How do you balance everyday living with desires to entertain? A living room is a gathering space for the purpose of relaxation and connection, but that looks different for everyone. I work to create unity between the forms a design might take and the roles this sanctuary provides for you.



Second to kitchens, bathrooms are a unique juxtaposition of utility and grace.  The best bathrooms perform their functions effortlessly, where the many activities of personal care are accommodated without fuss, and where simple lines allow for easy flow through the space for those the room serves.


Other Rooms

Designing new spaces is a passion for me. I am invigorated by the challenge of transforming a home with the addition of something new, be it a breakfast nook, entertainment center, wine room, children’s study, or deck off a master. Your desires fuel the plan, and together we’ll expand the possibilities for the experiences your home provides.


Why Us

Our clients say we realize their dreams for their home better than they could have ever imagined. But don’t just take our word for it. Please see our testimonials or request a reference before we meet.  And, of course, our first consultation is always on me.

What We Do

I have over two decades of experience in every aspect of interior design, from designing complete remodels to selecting furnishings and finishing touches. Using a special process I’ve developed, I discern how you wish to live in your home and what is important to you. Based on this exploration and my extensive knowledge of materials, furnishings and special resources, I develop a plan that will meet your needs, dreams and desires better than you could have done on your own.

How We Work

Our first meeting is complimentary, and during it, I’ll use my signature technique to understand what home means to you. I’ll then submit a proposal detailing the expected costs of the materials, labor and my services that we will review together.  I’ll show you samples and photographs of the materials we will use before any of it is purchased. Because I take the time to understand at a core level what home means to my clients, most people see me as uniquely qualified to translate their ideas into a synergistic design.

Our Services

Diana Cutler Designs has been highly sought after in the Seattle market for years for her talent transforming existing spaces and designing new homes.  Referrals from past clients have kept Diana busy for two decades. A new resident of Bend, Oregon, Diana is bringing her expertise in Remodels, Downsizing, Aging-in-Place, New Construction, Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Full Furnishings to this lovely mountain town while continuing to serve select clients in Washington state. Read more.


“We have worked with Diana over the last 18 months on a remodel that involved not only the usual furniture, carpets and painting, but also a number of custom design elements such as an art glass wall and a metal sculptural wall. These elements simply could not have happened without Diana’s knowledge of local fabricators and her ability to translate our ideas into actual designs. The results were everything we could have hoped for. On the more straightforward aspects of the remodel, Diana provided just the right balance of incorporating our ideas and preferences with her design expertise. Indeed, my only complaint about her is that when she did insist on a particular selection even in the face of our reluctance, she was invariable absolutely correct in her recommendation! It’s been a pleasure working with Diana, and we could not be happier with the results.”

- Jeff Robinson and Carol Stockton

“Diana was instrumental in taking our convoluted and mismatched furniture and replacing it with tasteful, elegant furnishing which has really transformed our house into a beautifully furnished, cozy home. We love our home so much more since she has helped us put our ‘look’ together – a casual chic. Mixing and matching fabrics, choosing wall color, helping find unique furniture pieces, lamps and accessories that accent each other. All this was done in a very organized and scheduled time frame with the end product looking as though it was furniture collected through time (not all purchased at once). We have had nothing but very positive comments from friends and family on how beautiful it all looks.”

- Amy and Luke Fouke

“We found Diana to be an excellent consultant for our interior design/decorating needs. She listened carefully to our unique requirements and desires before proceeding with the design process where she was mindful of our budget and our personal taste. We worked as a team with Diana on three projects, which included our home and guesthouse, both on Lopez Island and our Downtown Seattle high-rise condo. The resulting synergistic design solutions very successfully reflected our needs including our firm requirements that all three be wheel chair friendly for Marcie.”

- David and Marcie Moody

“The best most thorough designer we have ever used! Diana listened to our needs and our price range and found us exactly what worked for us and worked for our house. Helped with our kitchen, paint colors, carpets and lamps for various rooms in our home. Completely happy!” 

-Mike and Gayla

“As first-time homeowners, Diana was an integral part of our kitchen renovation. My husband and I had a general vision for our space, but knew nothing about how to execute it. From our first meeting, Diana arrived prepared, listened to our needs (and wants), guided us through the design process, and managed our overall project. Her design of our space perfectly reflects the original vision! The result is a kitchen that ‘wows’ every time we enter the room.”

- Sarah and Chris Koehn

“I just loved the partnership with Diana of DC Designs! Diana’s approach is very thoughtful and collaborative, so that the final product feels exactly right. Diana is very professional and sets expectations and meets target on budget, deliverables and dates. Right from the start, by seeking input on my likes and dislikes, Diana shaped a vision and helped me articulate my wishes so that in the end it was viola! – the perfect bijoux pied-a-terre I was looking for. I look forward to collaborating on another project soon…”

- Anne Marie Griffin

“We have worked with Diana for over two years on three different rooms in our home. What immediately drew us to Diana was her ability to listen to our differing views of ‘comfort’ and ‘style’ and deliver creative options that appealed to us both. Diana respected our need to incorporate artwork and furniture ‘treasures’ in her designs while using her talents with color, lighting and fabrics to create a personalized and updated look to our home. We could not be happier with the results!”

- Kaaren and Doug Clifford

“Diana Cutler, with DC Designs, is a talented designer who beautifully renovated our condominium and has done similar work for others in our Seattle high rise. Diana is accessible, responsive, an excellent communicator with all involved and has fabulous taste.  She is gifted in all areas of design and we cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Grace and Adolph

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Designing fuels me, it’s been my passion for over two decades, and I’d love the chance to share that with you.  Fill out our easy form and we'll be in touch.